Potassium sulfate

Potassium sulfate is a chlorine-free concentrated fertilizer that can be used to feed plants, both in open and in closed ground. This is a water-soluble fertilizer that can be added to any irrigation system. It can be combined with other agrochemicals.

Potassium is an important element for plants that regulates the fertility and growth of crops. Therefore, it is vital for them. It also accelerates the water-exchange processes in the plant, improving the process of assimilation of nutrients. A sufficient amount of potassium contributes to the rapid ripening of fruits, positively affects the shelf life, increases the plant’s resistance to pests and diseases. Foliar top dressing prevents rotting and wilting of green mass, actively participates in the process of photosynthesis.

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Potassium sulfate fertilizer formula – К2SO4

  • Appearance – crystals or granules
  • Packing – bags weighing 20 kg / 50 kg
  • Fertilization months – from january to december


  • Ornamental shrubs and trees;
  • Lawn crops;
  • Legumes and grains;
  • Fruit and vegetable;
  • Conifers;
  • Technical;
  • Berry;
  • Flower crops.

Benefits of Potassium Sulfate:

  • No chlorine in the composition
  • Purified potassium dissolves faster than ordinary potassium and breaks down into smaller particles, which makes plant nutrition more complete
  • In a purified preparation, the concentration of potassium is higher.

Feeding rates depend on the culture and the growing season. The applied dose is also affected by soil saturation with this element.

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