Use of potassium sulfate in the field

Use of potassium sulfate in the field

Potassium sulfate is a fertilizer in the cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees and ornamental plants, the use of which helps to increase productivity, increases the resistance of plants to infections and improves the storage quality of the product. In fact, potassium sulfate is a salt consisting of two potassium molecules and a molecule of sulfur oxide (KuleSO₄), this compound does not contain chlorine, so it is a safe nutrient to improve soil properties and perennial plants soil salinity can be used to provide. suitable for chlorine-intolerant country plants, especially from the cruciferous family.

The main feature of the fertilizer is that potassium sulfate is able to balance the acid-base balance of the soil, so it is often used for application to soils with high pH. Depending on various factors, the method of use of potassium sulfate and the time of dressing will vary:

In moist soils the upper fall is closed in autumn, and only the following year seeds or seedlings are sown;
Under mature fruit trees, in the form of a solution through the pits (vertical holes of small diameter up to half a meter of the pit);
When planting young fruit trees, salt is added to the planting holes at the bottom of them;
For row-grown vegetables and berries, they are used for digging in the spring, and again in the summer potassium is used in the form of a solution for watering plants or for the treatment of leaves;
Under the vegetables and berries grown in rows, in the spring they are for digging, and in the summer in the form of a dry fraction in the aisles;
When growing vegetables in heavy clay soils, the application is covered only with a top layer of leaves.

Another point to consider when using use of potassium sulfate in the field compound in the backyard is how to dilute it and fortunately no tricks are needed here as it dissolves quickly in water at room temperature, but keep it long despite the stability of the solution. Not recommended.

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