Which plants do not tolerate potassium sulfate

What plants do not tolerate potassium sulfate Potassium sulfate has been proven to be necessary for almost all crops: vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, flowers. Sulfur (sulfate), which is an active component of top dressing, can be called a doctor for the plant and, together with potassium fertilizer, ensures the formation of ovaries and flower buds. However, as you know, any medication has its own side effects if you break the routine and dosage. Unsystematic use can have the opposite effect – How to reduce the immunity of plants: What plants leaves, buds, pale or colorless; the leaves turn yellow and fall off; young leaves become thin, chlorosis appears; buds at risk of necrosis; internodes are shortened; lower buds and leaves curled; roots begin to be damaged (roots dry out); high concentrations of calcium sulfate adversely affect the qualitative composition of the fruit – a significant amount of sugar and starch is lost.

Source: https://dagslo4ars.ru/sulfat-kaliya-vnutr/