What and how can you feed chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum multiflora is a spherical shrub densely covered with flowers of yellow, bright pink, white, red, copper or other shades.

It is not difficult to take care of the plant, it is enough to ensure regular watering and do not forget about the timely feeding of chrysanthemums. When choosing how to feed chrysanthemums in the summer for lush flowering, it is important to take into account the time of inflorescence formation, the condition of the bush, soil characteristics and weather conditions.

What microelements are needed for chrysanthemum

Choosing how to fertilize chrysanthemums at home and garden, take into account the plant’s exactingness to the composition of the soil. Basic needs – in the NPK complex:

Nitrogen at the beginning of growth saturates the leaves and future flowers. The deficiency is manifested by pallor and yellowing of the leaves, stunted inflorescences.
Phosphorus increases the number of buds, improves immunity. Its lack is manifested by delayed flowering, purple color of the leaves.
Potassium aids in root formation, metabolism and carbohydrate storage. If the element is not enough, the leaves dry and curl, the stems become thinner, the bush gradually withers.

In addition to the above, fertilizers for chrysanthemums should contain other useful elements: zinc, copper, boron, cobalt, manganese, etc. Tall street chrysanthemums need more potassium, and undersized indoor chrysanthemums need more nitrogen.


Fertilizers for chrysanthemums are used several times per season and are chosen depending on the growing method (in a flower bed or in a pot) and the needs of the crop. So, to stimulate growth, mullein and bird droppings are used, which enrich the soil with nitrogen. To strengthen the leaves and roots, ash containing potassium and phosphorus is added to the manure. Urea will help strengthen young shoots. During budding, when the plant needs potassium, a mixture of mullein with superphosphate is used. To make the flower bed bloom earlier than that of the neighbors, an infusion of nettle and dandelion is prepared.